The revolution in

material supply!

eRC -electrical driven

mobile container

The eRC

always the correct drive
for your emergency calls

The eRC, an electrical driven mobile container provides simple, ergonomic, and convenient transport of materials to the scene. Wherever vehicles cannot go forward and traditional mobile container systems reach their limits, the eRC begins to work:

The powerful electrical drive of the wheels enables to take even heavy supplies quickly and safely into impassable terrain and narrow alleys.


A payload of up to 1.000 kg and the utility space of 1.300 x 850 mm turn the eRC into a transport all-rounder – euro-pallets, IBC-tanks, and iron-barred boxes can be transported easily by one man with the eRC. By means of the optionally available loading ramp even mobile containers according to the recommendation of the AGBF can be loaded and transported. (AGBF: working group of professional fire brigades).


Steps and obstacles like kerbs up to 25 cm are autonomously mastered and it saves a lot of power and time when it counts. Even stairs can be managed with this intelligent and powerful transport system.

Each driving wheel has 900 N feed rate! The electrical drive works nearly silent and completely emission-free. The running time of an Power unit (high-performance lithium ion battery) is up to 2,5 km or 2 hours operation, depending on load and number of driving wheels.

Count on reliability!

The best materials. Innovative systems. No compromises

Operating panel
  • drawbar with control panel for forward and backward movements
  • signal horn and ignition key
  • personal protection switch
  • push-button foroptional lighting

  • high-performance lithium ion battery with integrated charge state display
  • voltage: 48 V,
  • capacity: 30 Ah
  • demand:: 1.400 W

  • basic assembly of massive and still light aluminium frame
  • solid and flexible superstructure of aluminium
  • standard coat of varnish in red RAL 3000, different colour variants available
  • emergency stop

Driving wheel
  • rubberised wheel pattern for asphalt and all-terrain
  • central lining, outside knobby off-road pattern
  • diameter:: 530 mm
  • width:: 161 mm
  • feed rate: 900 N (per wheel)
  • emission-free internal electrical hub drive with negative brake

  • diameter:: 500 mm
  • width:: 210 mm
  • knobby wheel patternl

Optional Equipment eRC

Configure the eRC according to your needs and wishes

Radio controlled operating panel
  • cordless controls
  • perfect panorama view during movements
  • emergency stop
  • push-button for optional lighting

Additional Battery
  • even more running time
  • 2x high-performance lithium ion battery with integrated charge state display
All-wheel drive
  • three driving wheels
  • for extreme ground conditions and obstacles up to 25 cm
  • total feed rate 2.700 N

Loading ramp
  • facilitates loading of mobile containers
  • available in various lengths
  • solid and flexible structure of aluminium
  • anti-slip class R 9

See. understand. be enthusiastic

Get an overview of the eRC.

eRC in Use  1:56

THE REVOLUTION INMATERIAL SUPPLY! eRC -electrical drivenmobile container

Productvideo 1:10

Productfeatures, details and functions.



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